A functional and versatile exhibition stand

An exhibition booth is a great investment for many companies. Exhibiting at a trade fair requires both time and resources. However, with good design and modern implementation, this can become easier.

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Focus on the objectives of your stand

The planning of a functioning trade fair stand is based on the stand's goals. What is the company supposed to accomplish? Good goals are realistic and solid. What should the company communicate? Is the booth’s goal to build a corporate image, launch a new product or service, or perhaps attract new contacts?

The planning of the exhibition stand is influenced by the functions of the stand.

  • Does the company have its own program?

  • Will the company have a point of sale or products?

  • Do you need a quiet space for meetings?

  • Are there demonstrations, tastings, information sessions or competitions at the stand?

  • How are the storage of goods taken into account in the design of the space?

It is a good idea to start planning the exhibition stand well in advance. Exhibitor reservations and the budget are drawn up several months, or even a year before the fair. As the fair approaches, marketing is planned and what happens before, during and after the fair is considered.

What does an exhibition stand cost?

The budget of the exhibition stand consists of exhibition space, the design of the stand, the structures needed for the exhibition stand, lighting and furniture for the stand, transport and logistics costs and staff costs. Construction, structures and demolition can account for a significant share of the cost. It is common for trade fair booths to be disposable: at the end of a trade fair, some materials are reused as building material for other booths, but not everything can be utilized.


Download the template:
Cost estimates for the exhibition stand

Use the Excel template to estimate the cost of the exhibition stand.


Happyeco is an alternative to traditional exhibition stands

What if the stand could be used over and over again? Instead of the stand becoming recycled material or waste after one use, what if the space were easy to set up and assemble many times? What if the space could also be modified? If the space reserved for the exhibition stand increases or decreases, modular structures would allow a part of the stand to be included next time or a smaller compartment could be expanded with extensions. Instead of days of building and demolishing the space it could be constructed in hours, even by one person. After use, it could be packed in a carry case and carried away.

This is the idea of the Happyeco exhibition stand.

Happyeco's exhibition stands are built from materials created as a result of years of development work. It is not only light but also very durable. Therefore, the parts can be used over and over again numerous times.

The structures of the space are designed to pack in a small space, making logistics and transportation easier. The sections can be assembled on their own whilst no tools are required.

Different modules can be attached to the stand if the size of the stand changes at the next fair. For example, a joint department of two companies or products can be designed so that the spaces can also be used individually. The components are packed in their own transport carry cases so each of the companies can later use the components for their own needs.


What to consider when developing a booth that can be reused?

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7 tips for a functioning exhibition stand

Use these tips to improve the functionality of your business field.



Meeting space

A private meeting room is a good option when your business needs a separate quiet space. The meeting area can be divided from another area by means of a curtain for example and can be equipped with all the necessary technology, such as a screen.



Shelves illuminated with LED strips are an impressive solution for displays.



Digital content can bring life to the booth. It’s an effective way to bring out the company’s message. It is also possible to integrate a screen into Happyeco's designs.



Lighting plays an important role in the functioning of the exhibition stand. It is always advisable for the exhibitor to ensure what kind of lighting is included in the reservation, and to supplement the lighting as needed.


Fitting room

If the stand is selling clothing, it may make sense to include your own fitting room. The fitting room needs good lighting and privacy, which can be achieved with a curtain for example.


Communal area

If the company has more than one brand or companies want to collaborate in a trade fair stand together, it is worth planning well in advance. In this case, the planning department takes into account that the sub sections will also function as separate entities afterwards. Happyeco subdivisions can be packed into their own transport carry cases so one joint collaboration becomes two functional separate entities.



It is recommended to have extra storage to place brochures, additional material for presentation, or staff items. In the exhibition area we can design a separate storage area separated from your main stand to keep it neat and tidy at all times.

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