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Roll-up banners

How to choose a good roll-up banner solution, and what are the alternatives?

A roll-up banner is handy at consumer events, trade shows, and showcases to communicate what a company, product or service does. Roll-ups are best for use when a quick set-up and portable visibility solution is required.

The traditional way

A Roll-up banner is marketing’s bread and butter

The roll-up frame is an integral part of the standard equipment of the marketing department like two peas in a pod. A look into the marketing departments storeroom will reveal a stack of different roll-up frames, which have accumulated over time. When the old roll-up has done its duty, you can always get a new one to add to the pile as getting a new roll-up is usually more cost effective than updating the old one. Over time, the pile of old roll-ups grows and grows and at some point something needs to be done about it.

The new way

Responsibility for material choices

From an environmental point of view, it is pointless to haul around tons of marketing material that breaks and is not durable. So make sure the roll-up you choose is robust and doesn’t break the first time you use it. Similarly, the content of the roll-up is worth noting if the messages will expire in an instant. So avoid dates, time, or topic tags in your prints and choose a timeless element to take advantage of your brand. Many marketers are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to marketing materials. Traditional roll-ups, printed banners and other elements are still made of plastic or aluminium. Fortunately, there are alternatives to this.

Happyeco PullUp

A plastic and aluminium free alternative to the roll-up: Happyeco PullUp

An old, discarded roll-up is difficult to recycle at the end of its life. The body and mechanism may be suitable for metal recycling, but the printed material is likely to head straight to the landfill.

The PullUp is made from Happyeco’s durable and environmentally friendly material, which can be recycled at the end of its life. The product does not contain any aluminium or plastic and is designed to withstand numerous uses. Happyeco’s PullUp is manufactured in Tampere, Finland.


How to choose a good roll-up and avoid the most common mistakes

What to consider when purchasing a roll-up

Our benefits

5 reasons to buy a Happyeco PullUp instead of the traditional roll-up


The PullUp uses the entire printing surface, including the reverse side. So in addition to the actual surface, the corporate message or graphic can be placed on the back, hence the PullUp can be placed anywhere in a space. A single-sided, traditional roll-up works best next to a wall.



The PullUp is light and easy as child’s-play to assemble. The mechanism does not break down during use, and fabric never tears from the edges. The PullUp has been designed with convenience in mind.


The PullUp can be cut into any desired shape, so the shape does not have to be rectangular. Have fun for example by adding a window and create a fun backdrop for your social media.

Brochure pockets

Happyeco's PullUp comes with its own pockets for brochures in any size. So you don't need a separate brochure stand.

Ecological and made in Finland

Say no to plastic and aluminium! Happyeco's products are made from renewable materials. The wood-based board is  100% recyclable, so at the end of the product's life they go to the paper and card recycled waste. A traditional roll-up is difficult to recycle as it contains a mixture of materials such as metal and plastic. Happyeco PullUp is a entirely Finnish-made alternative.


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